February 28, 2003
Trying New Foods

We ended up going out after work today, directly to the mall without stopping at home for the diaper bag. Kevin grabbed a couple of diapers for Ryan when he picked him up. And off we went.

So there we were, sitting in Friendly's restaurant for dinner. No sippy cup. No bib for Ryan.

The first fun was the drink. Dani got a cup of chocolate milk, with a straw. Ryan tried the straw. Couldn't figure out how to suck on it to get milk out and got annoyed. And he REALLY wanted that chocolate milk. So we had them bring out an empty cup and we poured a teeny tiny little bit of milk into it. Kevin tried to show him how to drink it. Ry almost got it, sipping a little of it pretty messily. Then Ry got frustrated, so he reached into the cup with his little hand and tried to pick the milk up between two fingertips.

It was cute.

He tried two new foods tonight -- ketchup, and barbecue sauce. He tried to pick the ketchup up with his fingertips too. By the time he got the barbecue sauce he figured out how to dip (or dredge) fries in it.

He would soak the fry in barbecue sauce and then shove it into his mouth as if he couldn't get it there fast enough. He made a face, like the lemon face, as soon as he tasted it, but then he chewed and just had to have another one. And he kept doing this, over and over again. Now I'm sure, at Boskone, when we gave him the lemon, I did see him eat it. With a screwed up little unpleasant look on his face the whole time, but he ate it. He apparently likes the strong tastes. A lot. He tried to wipe up all the barbecue sauce from the plate.

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February 27, 2003
Baby Speak

My son is speaking. Not just the occassional word, parceled out and then never said again where someone else can hear him. But he truly is trying to communicate, all of a sudden.

Last night Ryan said HUG! He put his little arms around me saying HUG! as he hugged me, over and over again. It was adorable.

Today when I picked him up he ran to the door and yelled "Mommy byebye!" His words are still indistinct, but they are becoming more and more distinct and understandable. Far from perfect, but then, he's only 15 months old. The important thing is, he's starting to communicate in more than merely yells of frustration.

It's adorable. It's amazing. I thought I wouldn't be impressed by it as much the second time around.

I was wrong.

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December 12, 2002
Speaking in Tongues

Ryan's started talking more and more. He now speaks in complete sentences, carrying on little conversations constantly.

Thing is, we can't understand a word of it.

The sentences have inflection and tone and the words do change so they must mean something. To him anyway.

On the other hand, he does have a new real word, too. "Yeah." And its one of his more consistent words, responding with it correctly. "Are you ready to go?" "Yeah." Its awfully cute.

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November 17, 2002
A little later

Kevin has now steamed him for 15 minutes, and I took the outside shift and snuggled with him in the cold night air. Ry is breathing MUCH easier, and we are feeling more assured that it is merely (Merely?) croup and he didn't inhale a button or try to eat a die or have a histimine reaction.

Its still not going to be an easy night. We're sleeping with him semi upright in the recliner, Kevin and Ry in one, me in the other so I'm there if they need me. Kev's watching bad TV to keep himself awake until Ry falls asleep.

Tomorrow we have to explain that only one of us can go with Dani to see Harry Potter, and we have to call the sitter and cancel with her. We don't think it'd be right to have a baby sitter with him -- he's probably going to be miserable. And he might start having that cough again when he naps. But its a work sponsored trip to the movie, and Dani's been REALLY looking forward to it, so I will probably still take her if the weather clears up somewhat.

Yeah, on top of everything else, there is ice pouring down from the sky. Not rain. Not snow. Its a nice little ice storm. I had to go out to Kev's car to get the camp chair to sit out on the porch, and it was tough just to open the hatch because it was so encrusted with snow.

Now its time for me to take *out* my contacts again and go get some sleep. I hope.

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Croup is scary. Terrifying, really. We woke up perhaps 20 minutes after going to bed to the sound of Ryan coughing and crying. But it wasn't coughing, it was a horrific barking sound like a seal.

Now, Dani had croup as a baby. At least, they said it was croup. But she never sounded like this, like she could barely manage to breathe (he's not sucking in the skin between his ribs -- his breathing is not dangerous -- but it sounds awful). He sounds so raw, so scared of his own little voice. And so tired.

I called the doctor in a panic. Today was the first day he had peanut butter -- we were afraid he was having a latent reaction to it even though he was fine earlier today. But he said no, just croup, and really it does come on just that fast because he was fine earlier today. He had a bit of a runny nose, but then, its winter, and what daycare child doesn't have a runny nose in the winter?

So now we hot steam him and then cold air. Kev's got him in the bathroom in the sauna like confines right now. I'll take him out into the cold air for fifteen minutes after this. It isn't going to be a fun night, nor is it going to be a good day on Monday. He should probably stay home on Monday. We'll see how things go. If we don't sleep Sunday night he'll definitely be staying home on Monday and so will we.

I have a sore throat myself. Ick. And Dani just got over being sick. I guess we're on round whatever number of whatever it is that keeps going through the house.

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October 08, 2002
First Steps!

Okay, so he walked those few steps weeks and weeks ago. And then he refused to do it again, unless he was holding onto something.

Until tonight.

He was standing just a few feet from me, and I called his name and he turned and walked right to me! It was four whole steps, and then he did it again and again! He's still not got the strength to walk all over the place, but he's doing an excellent job. He's willing to walk, sometimes, when he sees something he wants and its the quickest way to get there.

So that mobility phase is coming SOOOO quickly!!

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October 07, 2002

It wasn't a good night tonight. And when it was all over, I felt like a horrible parent for not figuring out what was wrong much, much sooner.

Kevin got Ryan all ready for bed tonight, gave him his bottle, and settled him down. It took some work, but then, the past few nights Ryan just hasn't wanted to sleep. He fusses, whimpering and unsettled, making unhappy noises for about ten minutes, and then usually he nods off.

Although last week we had to resort to the car once. We hate doing that -- we certainly don't want to get him used to taking a twenty minute drive in order to fall comfortably asleep.

But tonight... tonight it just wasn't happening. Got him settled, started watching Angel from the Tivo. Ryan fussed. We paused Angel, and gave him more of his bottle. He settled. Kevin laid him down. A few minutes later, he started fussing.

So fine, next step is to try to let him cry it out. So Ryan continues to cry, while we are downstairs, finishing up Angel. And with every cry my head has a knife plunging into it again and again, as my sinus headache echoes with the sound. I can't take it. It makes me ready to just curl up in a corner whimpering. Then add in a healthy dose of guilt because my son is just getting utterly hysterical over something and I don't know what it is.

Kevin goes upstairs with the bottle, but Ryan doesn't calm down. I can hear Kevin getting more and more frustrated, so I went upstairs as well. I took him, and for a moment Ryan was calm -- mommy was there. But then whatever was bothering him didn't go away. And he started screaming again.

So we figure, maybe he's too wound up. I growl about not being able to drive (I can hardly see straight the pain's so bad -- I hate these headaches) so Kevin packs him into the car and takes him out. Twenty minutes later he's back, and Ryan's asleep. He settles him into the crib.

It lasts all of a few minutes. Tops. And then the whimpering... then the shuffling of a little boy sitting up in bed, and then the all out screaming.

I go upstairs again and scoop him up. I sniff him, and then decide that even thought I smell utterly nothing, I'll change him. There was a time once when we pinched a small bit of very tender skin in the fold of a diaper -- maybe that's happened again.

I start to take off his pajama bottoms when I realize that his foot isn't properly into the footy part of the PJs. His toe is stuck, pointed up slightly, and probably godawful uncomfortable. I quickly pull the PJs off and massage his poor little red toes. As I touch them, the screaming intensifies. This, then, is most definitely the problem. And neither of us had seen it.

But to make me feel guilty, my memory scrolls backwards and I realize I *did* see it. I noticed it when I saw Kevin putting the PJs on him, and just kind of discarded it, automatically assuming it'd get fixed as Kevin smoothed out the PJs. But Kev didn't notice it had happened. And Ry didn't start crying right away.

Poor guy. I felt really really badly about it. Once I got him settled this time he went right to sleep with just some backrubbing. But I still feel really badly about it. Its so hard when they can't just say what's bothering them.

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September 16, 2002
Almost Walking

Yes, our son is almost walking. He walks while holding on with one hand, and he's been cruising holding onto things for months now. But at about the same age as his sister was (9 months, 3 weeks) he took his first little steps. He was standing by the chair and he saw me and he just let go and took the three steps to get to me. Then he did it again and again...

It is so wonderful to realize that I am actually his impetus. He wouldn't walk to Daddy, but he would walk from Kevin to me. I think Kev is disappointed though, because Ryan wouldn't come to him.

I'm certain Ryan will get more and more sure of himself with this walking now, and I suspect by Albacon he'll be working on running. *laughs* Its going to be an interesting con!

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September 09, 2002
A Driving Tour of Natick

Last night, Ryan wouldn't go to sleep. He'd had a weird day, and hadn't really napped much or at the right times. These things happen. I mean, its impossible, really, to keep to life and a schedule at the same time. So last night, after my parents got home with the kids, and met us, Ryan refused to go to sleep.

We tried the bottles. We tried rocking. We tried letting him scream it out.

Nothing worked.

So finally I grabbed my mom's keys, moved the car seat from her car to mine, grabbed my husband, and we went for a drive.

I offered to drive, since well, it *was* my home town and I could navigate it best and didn't have to say "turn here" or anything then. I figured I'd go down to Route 9, head down to Main Street, use that to turn around, and come home.

Of course, this didn't go as planned.

We had just about made it to Main Street and there was this squeaking noise from the broken styrofoam cooler driving me NUTS. So I figured I'd find a place to pull over and get the lid off so it'd stop squeaking. Then I heard this noise from the back seat.

This giggle. Then a chortle. Then a chorus of "ba ba ba ba".

Yes, my son was still awake. Five minutes into the drive, he was still very much conscious, and while he was now calm and no longer screaming his lungs out... it was also obvious he was enjoying himself.

So, time for a change of plans. I pulled off Route 9 onto Route 27 (the would be Main Street) and headed south. I pulled into the White Hen Pantry at the corner of Bacon street and we fixed the problem with the cooler. Ahhh... much less styrofoam squeaky noises. And Ryan, well, he was still awake, and looking at us when we looked back at him, but a little quieter. But still very much awake.

So I smiled at Kevin and said I was taking him on a driving tour of Natick. We've been together for 11 years, married for six, and I've never actually taken him on a tour of my home town. Normally, one would do this in the *light* but well, we were out, and we were a couple of blocks from one of my houses and my old elementary school. It just seemed like the right time to do it.

We drove up and turned onto Franconia Ave. I pointed to the right, showing him the old elementary school (it was two buildings) set down the hill slightly. It isn't a school any longer, but the deed or something said that it had to remain in use by the town and the kids, so it is now a town hall, and a recreation center for the parks & recreation department. Which is a good use for it. It also happens to be, as I mentioned on the tour, the setting for one story I wrote a long time ago ("Choices" -- a vampire story).

A little further down the street and I pointed to the left, then frowned, realizing that in the dark, I actually wasn't sure which of two houses was the one I lived in for a couple of years. But it was one of those. Then we turned left and I pointed out the house my best friend (at the time we moved to Franconia) lived in. As we turned right, I pointed out the Victorian on the corner, mentioning that my mom had always wanted that house.

"The one with the For Sale sign?" my husband asked.

"What?" I tried to look in the dark, but failed miserably. Kevin craned around as well, saying that he *thought* it was a For Sale sign but maybe it was an election sign. Well, I had to know, so I did a U-turn and we went back again. Yup, For Sale. I resolved to look it up on the web later to find out how much it was going for ($689,000 if you're curious -- don't think I'm buying THAT house any time soon!).

We continued our tour then, back to Franconia and then back to Main Street, showing Kevin the entrance to the Natick Labs, where my mom used to work before she retired. When we lived on Franconia it was an easy walk down to work. I said something about walking by The Circle, and Kevin looked at me funny. I said, "Well, its Heritage Lane, but its shaped like a circle so we all just called it that. Its where the family housing was for the people only there a few years."

"On base housing," my husband translated. I explained that yeah, but it was the only HOUSE housing. There were also apartments for those in the service, but the houses were for families. I knew a lot of people who lived there, over the years, and lost a lot of friends when their fathers moved on. In a way, it was sort of sad.

We drove by the old apartment building we lived in when we first came to Natick, and then I drove down the dead end street so he could see it again -- this big yellow building right across the end of the street. I told him how when the blizzard of '78 came, they plowed the snow right down to the end of the street and dumped it in our front yard. Made a huge hill we went sledding on (I still have pics of it I think).

When we headed back to Main Street again, Kevin noticed the Pizza Plus on the corner. I laughed, and he was amused because there is a Pizza Plus on our corner here. I said yeah, I grew up with a non-chain pizza place named that so it was kind of interesting to find one here, too.

Then I took him down into South Natick. I love South Natick. Its like its own little world. I drove past the falls, although he couldn't see them, and pointed to the church where I used to take baton lessons. We turned around on the street where Glen lived, and I told him how Glen's mom was the only adult when I was in high school who actually really realized I was a bad influence on people and not the little angel I acted like. Okay, so not like I was BAD like some people are bad, but I certainly wasn't an angel either. *grins*

I tried to take him up Cottage St to see the corner where my friend drove off the ledge of someone's driveway but I couldn't find the street in the dark. Ah well... I still managed to not get us lost and we wound our way back to Main Street again (do you sense a theme? *laughs*).

We went down Pond St instead of 135 like we usually do, and I showed him "that place Ted gets lottery tickets" because he remembered that my dad went downtown for that and then I pointed to my high school way back on the left. I would've taken him to drive by that, but Ryan was asleep and we wanted to get back by then.

And then we were back to 135 and Speen, where Roche Brothers is, and into familiar space for him. We drove home, extracted Ryan gently from the car, and put the baby to bed, a half hour after we left.

It wasn't an expected tour, but it was kind of fun, talking about all the little things in my life growing up after we moved to Natick. I'd like to do it again in the light, actually, and maybe show him the high school, and the right house on Franconia... again, little things. Either way, it was nice to do it. And in a way, I'm sort of glad Ryan gave us the chance.

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August 25, 2002

Is he teething? I dunno... its my current guess. But for the past few nights Ryan has fussed all night (to quote my husband "he has?" and as I told him back "yes, dear, he has and no you don't wake up when the kids cry..."). And tonight I'm having trouble getting him to stay asleep at all much. He keeps waking up and screaming. He's been fed, he's dry, so that pretty much leaves internal discomforts. He's got a mild temp (hells, reaching normal is a mild temp for him -- he usually registers around 96.7 or so), and right now he's about 98.9). And nothing else really save some minor sniffles, and since teething causes post nasal drip... yeah, I think he's teething.

The question is, will this be a teething that results in actual teeth, or like some of his other bouts, will it just be a few days of discomfort followed by no evidence of what happened? *sighs*

In the meantime, looks like I'm up for night number three of restless sleep. After all, Kevin was sleeping with his head next to the monitor this afternoon, and Ryan woke up shrieking, and Kevin didn't even stir until I shook him because I was in the middle of something and couldn't go collect the babe.

Its going to be a long night.

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August 12, 2002
Dead Spider


Many many thanks to Liz for this digital pic of Ryan, complete with the "dead spider" on his eyebrow. The stitches are off now, as of this morning.

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August 05, 2002

I've realized that I really wish I had a blog when Dani was a baby. This is the best I've been at maintaining any sort of a journal since I was a teenager (now there would be a trip -- posting excerpts from my high school journals! *laugh*). So with Ryan as an infant, I'm catching a lot of his firsts.

Yesterday he stood up with the push toy (not a new thing) and then happily walked across the room pushing it. He was so bewildered when he bumped into something and couldn't keep going. But if I reset it, he'd do it again and again. He really likes walking, and he thinks he's really ready to do it. Which is terrifying in some ways -- he's only 8 months old.

And then today we had another first. His first trip to the emergency room. *sighs* I got a call around 5pm, as we were heading to pick him up. He had pulled himself up on the kitchen set and then he let go to stand on his own, and when he went to sit he pitched forward and clocked his head on the wooden shelf. Sliced his eyebrow open. It didn't really bother him much, as long as no one was trying to touch it. But it was still bleeding.

It had finally stopped, and when Kevin got home we both managed to take a really good look at it. Its about a half inch long, and a millimeter wide, so its basically not closed. We called the on-call doctor and she recommended that we do get it looked at for stitches. So Kevin's taken him down to Samaritan Hospital to the urgent care facility to see if it needs to get stitches.

I guess this is what its like to have a boy, huh? I think its going to be a long night. He's going to be in an awful mood when he gets home. Dani was so worried about him when Kevin took him -- she is concerned because she knows stitches will hurt Ry. Poor little guy, and poor little girl being worried about her brother.

UPDATED 11:15pm -- I just talked to Kevin, and the Doctor was coming in to do a couple of stitches. They should be home in an hour or so, assuming Ryan isn't too much trouble with getting the stitches. The poor little guy's exhausted. He was having a bottle while I talked to Kev. So I guess the little guy has stitches in his eyebrow, and he'll definitely have a small scar there. He's starting in early with the battlescars!

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July 29, 2002
Cute Kiddisms

Today I had to pick Dani and Ryan up early. Well, actually, Kev picked up Ryan and I met him at Dani's place and then took both kids home while Dani went off to golf league.

So since we had so long, I asked Dani to help me out so I could also throw a load of laundry in. Which was when we discovered something.

Whenever Dani shouted "boo!", Ryan laughed. Whenever, wherever. She could be in the next room, randomly scream "boo!" and Ryan would start laughing uncontrollably. It certainly helped!

Then later, while Dani and Ryan ate, I was making pizzas for dinner. I use these shells (low Weight Watchers points) from Hannaford, and tonight I was making pesto pizzas instead of using tomatos or tomato sauce. I made one with sliced romas, yellow peppers, and scallions, then sprinkled with parmesan cheese. The other had fat free chicken tenders sliced on it, then the parmesan. Both actually looked really pretty, and Dani was watching as I made them. And then Dani smiled and told me, "Mommy, you are *so* Good Eats!"

Can we tell Dani watches a lot of FoodTV with us? *grins*

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July 23, 2002

Okay, after publicly stating that I'm a night-owl, and well-versed in the subject of sleep deprivation, let me add that when I *want* and *need* to sleep... its bad to keep me awake. *groans* I get cranky and nasty and downright bitchy.

This said... tonight Ry went to bed early. He was exhausted and dinner, and although he ate well, he just wanted to sleep, so I gave him his bottle and off he went into lala land.

I just paid for it. I was getting ready for bed at 11:40 or so, and heard him fussing. Well, he'd been doing that since 7:30, on and off, since he went to sleep. So I thought nothing of it.

At midnight it turned into an outright crank. Complete with screaming fit. So I fed him, noted a mild (under 100 in the ear) fever, and cuddled him back to sleep, searched out the tylenol, administered that, and tucked him back into bed.

I figure he's teething. That would fit the symptoms, as well as the little red ridge next to the other little itty bit tooth. *smiles*

So anyway, here it is, fully an hour after I intended to be in bed, and I can barely keep my eyes open. My head aches, and I'm feeling miserable.

*sigh* Staying up late works much better when I'm actually somewhat rested to begin with.

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July 19, 2002
Bug in the System

Ryan has this toy he loves. My mom gave him three stuffed bugs for Christmas -- each one is a different shape, and has different noises that it makes. The one he particularly likes has crunchy ears, like paper covered with fabric. The bug also rattles. We have named it, so originally, just Bug.

He has started chewing on burp cloths, so I was figuring maybe he was getting a security blanket. But he hasn't formed an attachment, really, to anything but Bug.

So today I noted... Ryan doesn't have a security blanket, he has a Security Bug.

And of course, as a programmer, I found that really funny....

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July 17, 2002
New Tooth!

Ryan has a tooth!! Just a little one, but it popped all the way through the gum without us noticing it was happening. In fact, it probably happened while he was sick and all croupy and everything. So at least that explains why he's the king of fussy lately.

On the other hand, it might also explain his nausea. Yeah, sick again. He stayed at daycare yesterday, but today after he threw up twice, they had me come get him. Which I totally understand... but... he's only doing it there! He didn't throw up at all last night, or after I got him home today. *sighs* I think its the post-nasal drip, and if he gets himself worked up he gets all gaggy. *sighs again*

But on the good side, he has a tooth! And he's only not quite 8 months old -- a big improvement over Dani getting hers just before her first birthday!

He also had his first french fry tonight, and he absolutely loved it!

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July 11, 2002
A Long Day

Gods, I'm tired.

Its been a long day. Ryan's still sick, but not as sick as last night. His fever crept up again a bit over the course of the day, but never really broke 100 again. Of course, now we're giving him the right tylenol dose, which helps a lot.

We went to the Dr. and he's been cleared -- no ear infection, no throat infection, no Coxsackie virus. So its just a standard virus that produces a really croupy cough and a nasty little fever there for a while. We've got to let it run its course.

But this meant today was an exhausting washout for me. I worked when I could, but when Ryan was awake he either wanted to cling or to play with me (which means he wouldn't play alone -- he wanted my laptop if I was trying to use it). I've been working every spare minute I can grab, and I'm just tired now. I didn't get enough sleep, and probably won't tonight.

But the mere fact that I'm considering going to bed at just past 10pm kinda shows how bloody tired I am.

The weekend plans have now changed, too. The trip to Readercon has been called off. I'm pretty bummed. I'd been looking forward to seeing Sarah, not to mention other friends. And it was the first year we were actually going to go to the convention. I'd hoped to run into a few people I wanted to ask some stuff about their publications. But... its better for the mental health not to disrupt the family, for Ryan's physical health, and of course, for the budget. Not spending $100 or so on books is a good thing right now, unfortunately. And its not like I don't already have the hugest to-read pile. I just need the time to actually work on *reading* it, huh?

So I'll be here this weekend, probably gardening (my zen relaxation technique) and cleaning and laundry and such. Hopefully some writing, if I can manage it. And almost definitely some catching up on work things if I can escape on my own for quiet time for a while. And hopefully catching up on some sleep!!

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It is morning, and we are preparing to stay home and go out, all at once. Ryan's cough is still there, although his breathing sounds better. He is still slightly warm, so I expect the fever to rise again. I have yet to call in -- I will do that over Ryan's breakfast. Dani has gotten up and when I asked her to be a big girl and go downstairs and choose her own clothing and get dressed, she actually went downstairs, which is, well, a surprise. I have to go see how she is doing.

Hopefully there is no ear infection. Or maybe hopefully there is, because then antibiotic will help him feel better. We'll see.

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The Night Continues On

Well, I have now watched DiY for the first time. I suppose it was only a matter of time, since FoodTV and HGTV are among my favorite stations, and DiY goes along with those. I just wish it were in the same channel range so I could flip easily between them.

The tylenol seems to be helping Ryan. Its been almost 4 hours, and his fever is only about 99.5 now. He still feels warm when I hold him, but his feet and hands are no longer warm, and when I actually take his temperature (ear and under the arm both) it is much better.

He just woke up a little bit ago crying, so I have given him another bottle. With the fever, he's thirsty, and I can't blame him. His breathing is better, now that we have the vaporizer going. Its a definite improvement, and I'm glad Kevin finally agreed to set it up.

Ryan seems settled now, with another 6oz of formula in his tummy. I'm going to catch a little more sleep -- I've only gotten an hour so far -- and then check on him in an hour or two. Kevin's alarm goes off at 5am, so that'll be the latest. If Ryan's fever is going up again, I'll give him more tylenol. He can't have more before 3:30 or 4:00 or so anyway.

Man I am exhausted...

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Ryan's Fever

Ryan has a fever.

This is one of those times where a mother (or father) feels helpless. Although Kevin has a more pragmatic approach to it -- there's nothing we can really do save make him comfy and give him tylenol and formula as needed, so Kevin is now asleep. As for me... I just gave him a bottle, and another dose of tylenol, and I'm waiting up for a little while to make sure the fever is going down and not up before I go to sleep.

Its around 102, which is a decently high temperature. This is all weird for me, because I don't run temperatures. When I break 100 I know I'm really really sick. And its been the same for Danielle. When she hits 102 she's a miserable little girl, and was always just clingy and mopy. Ryan, on the other hand, is at 102 and thought for a little while that this meant he got to get up and play. He was ready to climb down and go exploring. And he feels like the temp would keep on climbing if I can't get it under control.

Which would be why I'm staying up. I know it can get bad if they get too high, and well, he may be over 20 pounds in weight, and a big bruiser of a guy, but he IS also only 7 1/2 months old, and just a wee little babe in that respect. He just looks older. And acts it, really, too.

He has a cough, so I know where the fever comes from. He's just got a bug. I've got a sore throat too, which I thought was allergies, but given that Dani complained of one this morning (not since tho) and I have one, perhaps we've all got a bug going around.

Kind of a bummer, since we were intending to go to Readercon this weekend. I suppose, then, that we'll have to play that one by ear.

No matter what, I think I'm not going to work tomorrow. I'll need to go out to take Dani to TeddyBear because I'm not keeping her home too, if Ryan is sick. And I'll need to make a Drs appt for Ryan, just in case and all -- he tugged on his ears a little, so we should probably get those checked too.

This won't be cool on the work front. I've got a couple of somewhat important meetings tomorrow. And all the things I would want to be doing at home are of course sitting on my desk -- this being like the one night I didn't pack them up to bring home. *sighs* I suppose I could stop in and get stuff after dropping off Danielle -- it would be easy enough to do as long as I don't let Ryan get too close to anyone. We'll have to see how tomorrow morning is.

But for now, I just have to manage to stay awake another half hour or so, then disturb him enough to take his temperature (which I might be able to do without waking him up *fingers crossed*). Then hopefully I can catch some sleep.

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July 09, 2002
Bad Timing

The whole getting up just as I'm going to bed thing is getting tiring. Ryan doesn't do it all the time. But a lot. A lot more than I'd like, especially since it was fine when I wasn't working, but now that I'm back its not so hot.

I stay up until 11:30 or 12:00... its just a good bedtime for me. If I go to sleep then, I get 6 hours, which is pretty good. But lately, I just get myself off to sleep, or am just getting ready, and Ryan starts fussing... which then turns into full scale screaming, and he's got to be fed (a full bottle) and rocked back to sleep. Like tonight.

I'd crawled into bed and gotten comfy under the covers. I think I fell asleep, sort of, but I was under the impression I hadn't *really* fully gone out yet. Then he started, and I tried to stay asleep, hoping he'd go back to sleep. No luck. And when I got up it was only 12:30... meaning I'd only been in bed for a half hour. I thought it hadn't been long, but I had also thought it'd been longer than that!

But I also have to admit, even though my eyes were closing as I fed him and channel surfed, that there is still something magical about being in the rocker with my son curled up in my arms, trustingly asleep, cuddled close to me. The bottle slips from his mouth and he lies there, breathing soft little baby breaths, his lips still moving slightly as if he dreams about what he was just eating. So sweet.

Posted by Deb Atwood at 01:06 AM
June 26, 2002

Okay, Kevin guesses that Ryan will be walking in about another month and a half. Lessee... that means by the beginning of August he'd be on his feet and toddling about. And I've recorded this bet for posterity (nope, no money on it, but hey, at least I've made a note of it!).

Posted by Deb Atwood at 11:12 PM
June 25, 2002

Another milestone today! Kevin turned around and saw Ryan with a crib-bar in each fist, clinging to them, and standing up, watching him. Yes, he not only can pull himself up, but has figured out he can do it in his crib.

With any luck, he won't try to climb out!

But then, they say every child is different. Dani wouldn't get out of her crib, or out of her bed, on her own for almost 4 years. Which means Ryan will probably cilmb out as soon as he is physically able. *groans*

Posted by Deb Atwood at 09:54 PM