September 04, 2003

My Vacation in Toronto

It was fun. While I was in Toronto I went swimming and I went underwater with my eyes opened and with my goggles on and a crack in them. I saw Aunty Jenn and I went to a lot of parties. And I also made a new friend there -- Sabrina is her name.

We saw Robin. And I went to children's programming. I made a bucky ball and made two structures out of gumdrops, toothpicks and marshmallows. And I hope I can go to another convention at Toronto again.

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My First Day of School

My first day of school was great. I liked it a lot and I made a new friend named Claire. She's very nice. I met her at gym time which was after recess which was after lunch.

For gym we practiced our listening skills first. After we played Red Light, Green Light we played a game called Oscar the Grouch. Coach Whipples throws all the bean bags and balls out and pretends they are garbage and then there is a garbage can and someone is Oscar. You go pick up one piece of garbage at a time and put it into the garbage can and the Oscar throws all the garbage out.

I had lots of fun and it was the best. And the teachers are very nice.

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