November 14, 2003

Moving right along...

You know, it's times like this, when I finish up with a good stretch of writing, that I wonder why the hell I procrastinated this morning and dicked around so much. Okay, I did actually do useful things, like pay my bills, but that's not the point.

Even if what I just finished writing doesn't make much sense, and I'm not sure that it does, it was still 3,700 words that weren't too hard to put out. And they got the story moving, although I'm really not sure where it's moving to. The pocket universe hadn't occurred to me this morning, I can tell you that.

In fact, most of what shows up on my screen is a complete surprise. I'll have a general idea ("They find a door, and this door leads them... somewhere"), but the specifics are a complete mystery until I actually write them. I suppose this is the "organic writing" that you were railing about, Deb.

So I'm taking a break for a little while to figure out where the hell they are and what's going to happen next. I only know three things with absolute certainty, but I don't know when they'll pop up in the story. Too soon, and the characters will have no reason to continue. Hmmmm.... I'll put in another couple of hours before I go to bed, I think, but until then I have the beginning of Angel season 3 to watch, and a few Invader Zim episodes....

On a side note, it appears that, now that I have my subconscious working overtime, it doesn't want to stop. Went downstairs to buy more Diet Coke and came up with vegetable juice and Boco, which is a sports drink that has people with perfectly flat abdomens in its commercials, the bastards. I meant to buy the Diet Coke, I really did....

And it is confirmed, I really enjoy writing to trance techno.

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