November 14, 2003

Still in the Hole

Ok... it's after 10PM and I should be heading for bed. Except I still need at least 600 words for the day, and another 6000 to dig myself out and catch up.

So I really shouldn't be wasting time here.... but here I am.

Drew myself a map today. Had to make sure the logistics of what I was thinking were within the realm of possiblity as far aswere everyone was and to make sure I was being consistant so I don't get confused later. And then I realized I wasn't sure where Pauline was timewise so I had to make a little log for who was on what day before I leaped over the next chapter to pick up the next thread.

And I need a name for a mountain range... names have plagued me this time around, oddly enough.

A couple chapters and 18k words in and the girls are split up and having their own little revelations about each other. At least Kat is.

- - - -

Their entrance at the camp went as she expected – ripples of silence and covert stares as Gideon led her to a spot off to the side. There were already several bedrolls there with saddles and packs nearby. It was a smaller space inside the larger camp and the pile of stuff and half a tent gave her an illusion of shelter.

“Now I know how Pauline always feels.” She whispered, crossing her legs in front of her when she sat down and huddling around the coats as if there were a security blanket.

“What do you mean?” Gideon sat next to her, glancing at Jochen to make sure the old man had seen them. Ilyas caught the look and put his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“I’ll get something for us.”

Katelyn watched dully as Ilyas talked to Jochen and the other men gathered around the main fire. She imagined that she was at least one topic of conversation, and it bothered her. She’d always teased Pauline that it was just ego that made her think people were talking about her, but now that it was her turn in those shoes, she knew it wasn’t.

“What do you mean, about your sister?” Gideon gave a soft verbal nudge when she drifted off.

“I mean how everyone got quiet for a sec when we walked into sight. The way they try to glance over here without me seeing them do it so they can pretend I have no idea they’re talking about me.” Pauline had always been so factual about it, as if it really didn’t bother her, but Katelyn knew that if she wasn’t so exhausted, it would bother her a lot. “I’m not used to being the odd one out.”

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