November 16, 2003

Still trying getting back to good

Well, it seems that my #1 and #2 time sinks on procrastinating on Nano are IMing and doing email turns. Multitasking while doing Nano is just not working for me. :grin:

I'm still not back to good as far as word count goes. And I know this is awful--I showed Nicole (with a English Lit degree) a piece and she began picking it apart almost immediately as far as grammar issues are concerned.

On the other hand, the plot continues to surprise. I definitely am channeling Mr. Jack Vance, more than I actually intended.

Bridgette's comment about a map might be a good thing, though, since John and Althea are now on the road, so to speak. Although he was in the Knossos for only two days, it was a larger chunk of the novel than I thought it would be. And the whole betrothal stuff came out of nowhere.

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Ack! No showing Lit majors NaNo writing!! Grammar is for December. :-)

Posted by: B on November 16, 2003 05:41 PM
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