This is why I'm glad I don't have a credit card....

Bone Clones - replica bones and fossils

Oooo, I could really use the skull of a 5 year-old child for my desk at work. That'd make them think twice about making me teach kids....

And who couldn't use a raven's skull around the house....

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I dunno....

I seem to be in the minortiy of people who prefer Superman to Batman, at least of the people I talk to. Upon reflection, I have more of an emotional investment in this film being done right than, say, Batman Begins. And I dunno....

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I have got to get a new computer....

Before I throw this one five stories down to the asphalt.

Programs crash without warning. Firefox and Internet Explorer are about as stable as a coked-up jihadist, the machine itself tends to reboot for no apparant reason, and NOW it's started a new fun trick: When it reboots, Internet Explorer takes up 99+ % of the system's resources. So now I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and wait for fifteen minutes for the machine to find enough free memory to bring up the program manager so I can shut down IE, which was never a startup program to begin with! After every attempt at upgrading this thing, I come up with three new problems that never happened before I tried to tinker.

So that's it. I quit. I give up. I am never going to be a part of the Technocrat elite, since everything I touch turns to suck.

Anyone have thoughts on a good off-the-rack laptop? I'm thinking Toshiba, since my old Satellite never gave me trouble, and everyone seems to be joining the cow cult of Dell....

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Forsooth! A lost edition!

Yes, a previous draft of Shakespeare's Hamlet has been discovered! According to the website, it's pretty consistent with the one we know, except for the drastic deviation right around the duel between Laertes and Hamlet.


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Finally! Some Perspective!

Dave Barry's Year in Review

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Y'all wanted a clearer picture....

Well, here it is:

By the way - I'm really enjoying Flickr. Great image hosting site....

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The Ten Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time

Read it Here

My running favorite - Ayn Rand's A Selfish Christmas (1951) Can't stand that woman.....

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My, that Dark Side is seductive....

Opened my email this morning to find that the Teaser trailer for Episode III is now online...

Please let this kick ass, oh please, please, please....

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Not happy....

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Fabulous new word....


(n) - Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

[Greek kakistos, worst, superlative of kakos, bad; see caco- + -cracy.]

Many thanks to Savage Love for this one.....

I'm changin' my email sig....

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I realized last night as I was falling asleep that I haven't done anything creative in months. Nothing. Not a story, not an essay, no amusing photoshops or character sketches or drawings or doodles or anything. Every time I think to myself, "I should do something creative now," I get a hollow echo coming back at me.

This had better just be a slump.....

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This is why I'll always have a job


Evil does good.gif

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Go Michael!

via my Sister:

My brother's play, Dog Sees God has been extended and has won in the festival's "Overall Production" category!

For those of you living in and around The City: SoHo Playhouse, 15 Vandam St, New York, NY 10001 (by train take the C or E train to Spring St. exit. Walk one block north to Vandam)

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And Hell's Coming With Him....

Grounded in Unreality's Hellblazer fan film

Looks like fun... Especially given who they have playing Constantine in the new movie. It's..... nnnnnNNNNNGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Brain.... coming out.... ears......

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So, as I mentioned before, my sister is a musician. She has a site up at Mperia.com - check it out - where she has four places in the top ten tracks list. She's numbers 1,4,6 and 9. That is too cool for words.

Go take a look. Her whole album is now up online. You can listen to all the songs as flash samples, and you can buy them - $.25 a pop is a damn good deal. Then go to her blog and tell her how wonderful she is.

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My sister's a musician!

Go check it out: Warren Ellis likes my sister!!!

Check out the link to her music.

Warren Ellis, if you don't know, is one of the best comic book writers around these days. He's written some of the most imaginitive, occasionally incomprehensible, but never boring work out there.

And he likes my sister's music! Yay!

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This is so wrong in so many ways.... all of them good


No, seriously. Rodeohead. Wow.

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Goddamn little sonsof....

So I just got nailed with comment spam - 60-come comments on this blog. They all come from the same domain, but with randomly generated usernames and, it would seem, randomly generated ISPs, making it pretty much impossible to block with conventional MT means.

Plus, when I tried to see where they were coming from, the domain hit me with a virus attempt. Gods love PC-Cillin....

I need some cyber-witchcraft. Where's Jenny Calendar when we need her...?

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Talk about leverage....

Whenever I try to dodge doing something for my mother (or if she just feels like making me feel guilty), she'll tell me about her 36 hours of labor and a caesarian section. It's a very good trick, which I have passed on to my friends who have had children under similar circumstances.

None of 'em can hold a candle to this:

Woman performs own caesarean to save baby

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And off we go....

After some pressure on various fronts, I whipped up a LiveJournal. I'm not sure how much I'll use it, but we'll see.... I still like this spot on the web, but if I get bored with it, I'll move over there....

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Check it out....

Labyrinth Radio

Thanks to Squange for pointing this one out....

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Oh dear....

Paul, you better damn well have not been in Madrid today....

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Totally Oz....

I saw this in the paper yesterday and laughed my ass off. While shooting yourself in the head with a nail gun is not a uniquely Australian act, the guy's proposed alternative to four-hour surgery certainly is. Read on....

Reuters.com - Handyman Nailed with His Own Nail Gun

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Flashback to early 2000....

This Onion article is eerily familiar reading.... *shudder*

Day Job Officially Becomes Job

My God, was I really a World of Science assistant manager? Jesus, I need to sit down....

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Howdy, all....

I've done my first week of vacation and I'm having quite the time. Orange alert, mad cow and desperate attempts to avert a family screaming match over politics (I did it, too... I consider my restraint to be on the deity scale sometimes). On the other hand, lots of food, good shopping, a whirlwind tour of DC....

I'm honestly having a good time out here, and looking forward to Christmas tomorrow. I'll put up more details when I get back to Japan, but I'm keeping notes.

I saw "The Last Samurai" last night and got all nostalgic for Japan. And sake. And I understand that my boyfriend has rearranged my apartment and fixed my hot water problem in my absence. I'd better find a damn good present....

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Did anybody else see this?

If anyone can get me a scan of the strip (or at least the name of the strip), I would greatly appreciate it.... You'll have my neverending gratitude. And ice cream. Not neverending ice cream, just a cone. Or a cup. Whichever you like.

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Hisashiburi ne...?

Been a long time, in other words. But a week isn't really that long, I guess.....

Been working, as per usual. And planning my trip home. Three weeks will be good, once I have all the travelling dates down. The only struggle now is finding Christmas gifts, and I'm rediscovering my inner Grinch. "My very presence will be their Christmas present! I've paid for my ticket and they can damn well be grateful! MAX! Get my sled. We're going Who-hunting...."

Sorry about that.

On the lighter side, check out the Apple Quicktime trailers site. Of particular interest are Troy and Hellboy. The latter features a pyrokinetic. Yay! My favorite superpower..... There look to be some other interesting films out there. Peter Pan has potential, although it looks to me like NAMBLA was a major backer. Or maybe I'm wrong....

Another site for your amusement and entertainment: Ant City. Highly addictive, designed for the Vengeful God in us all....

And in honor of the recent anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, I present to you, another piece in the puzzle. I think it's very revealing, personally....

Agent Smith and Kennedy.jpg

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International Gladii....

My brother Paul is off to Spain for the first part of his Pan-European tour! Best of luck to him.... I'm sure he'll have a great time. I'm a little jealous, really. It'll all be new and fresh to him, like it was for me when I first got out here.

Check out his homepage, PaulGladis.com. No, that's not him on the front page, and no, he didn't really microwave the cat. I think.

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alert! Very important!

You all have to check out Third Watch tonight! It's on NBC at 10/9 PM, October 6th. Why?

My brother Mike (viciously ignored by critics for his performance in K19: The Widowmaker) will be appearing as a paramedic who's just not getting it right. I think he's filmed 3 episodes so far, so make sure you watch and then send email to NBC about how much you love him and he should stay on and get a shot in the opening credits.

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2 good quotes

Found these while I was rummaging through my desk, looking for my local tax coupons:

"Journalism is just a gun. It's only got one bullet in it, but if you aim it right, that's all you need. Aim it right and you can blow the kneecap off the world."
- Spider Jerusalem, Transmetropolitan (Warren Ellis)

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."
- Blaise Pascal

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This is a mission imperative

I'm watching this completely bizarre cartoon from Nickelodion. So, there was this guy, Jhonen Vasquez, who wrote a wonderful, heartwarming comic book called Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. As the title might suggest, it's about a young man named Johnny (or Nny, as he likes to be called) who loves to philosophize about the world and society as he killes people in horribly graphic and inventive ways.

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac - Pic 11.jpg
Here's our boy....

So, naturally they asked him to do a children's show.

It's called "Invader Zim" and it's one of the most bizarrre cartoons I've seen in a long time. Had I seen this when I was a child, I would have grown up to be even more warped and deranged.

I mean, c'mon - Zim just replaced his brain with a rubber pig by accident. How can you get over that kind of childhood trauma?

Anyway, if you get a chance to download it or see it on tv, give it a shot. If only to watch little, lovable Gir. TACOS!


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